Release Notes

Oracle Cloud Tools SQLConnect V2.19.10 (October 2019 Release) adds the following new features to the software. More details for each feature are listed below.

  • Database Browser
  • SQL Formatting
  • Intellisense
  • Enhanced Editor Functions
    • Search & Replace
  • Slicker Export to CSV and Export to Excel functions
  • Connection Pane, DB Browser and other windows actions via menu, to provide more real estate
  • Bug Fixes
    • 1 – Connection window sometimes get stuck and does not disappear. Fixed.
    • 2 – Visual component do not render on opening multiple tabs at the same time. Fixed.
    • 3 – Issue with running queries with 1200+ lines. Fixed.
  • Other minor enhancements

Database Browser:

Using F4 key on a table name, now you can see the description of that table or view, including column names, types and other relevant information. You can also choose Database Browser by selecting View –> DB Browser menu option.

SQL Formatting: Right click on any SQL and select SQL Formatting from the context menu.